How is the Real Love?

Even after all those years of marriage, you can get in a strange feeling of never fell in love, never been in love, never seen real love. Yes you do start loving the person you are engaged to and then might feel more love after marriage but don’t you wonder how it feels like falling in love naturally? Just like any other natural process like having a baby or seeing a plant grow on its on might feel or taste better without the help of artificial insemination and chemicals. I think just the natural experience is incredible n so real. The way you meet or see someone, like the person, realise you are in love and carrying forward the relationship. Sometimes you might feel no love around you. When such feeling strikes, I wonder how it would have felt if I would have found someone and fell in love with that person. I think I miss and have missed that lifetime feeling. One should surely go through this fairytale phase once in a lifetime even if it’s for a while. I think the feeling of being in true love would cling on the mind forever. You would know what falling in love feels like. You would know how it all begins and how lovely and loved it can make you feel. Even after years it can make you feel refreshing and good.

Love is life and if you miss love, you miss life. It’s that pure feeling that would spin around all your life. An arranged setup might give you love but the feeling of that natural process that could have happened would have been a total different experience. Thinking of it makes me feel that it would have been beautiful and some memories to be cherished for ever. The feeling of starting to like someone, knowing someone and falling in love with that someone feels so fresh and lovely. I guess this is a must experience one should give it a try. To fall in love with someone truly. Don’t know how long the relationship might go but the feeling can be treasured forever of falling in love truly madly deeply. Because in life you always don’t get a second chance. In a country like India, a marriage is almost a lifetime commitment, sometimes there is no second chance be it you feel the love or not.

Often we feel out of love. I wish I should have looked for love, fell in love and get that once and for all feeling for ever. After an arranged engagement , I think you are so busy with everything that you are enjoying the phase and you might feel in love. But slowly with time I wonder where is the love, what is love. Then It’s all about marriage, loving the person you are married and committed to. A relationship that would start with love and starting a relationship then falling in love, are two totally different experiences. I guess the former would be much better. If you ever feel outta love or you don’t know if you are being loved or not, you can flashback the real one that you have been through. You have known it for real and can feel loved even for a micro second again.
Life has so much of beauty, love makes it complete.
We all need real love.
Fall in love and feel loved.